Entries by Allan Love

Valedictorian of the Year

Ongoing training is really important to us and our teams and we put a big emphasis on that throughout the business. We are thrilled to have been recognised as Valedictorian of the Year by Datto, which means we have completed the most Datto Academy courses in 2017.

The Difference Between Backup and Business Continuity

Data protection solutions are essential for businesses of all sizes to implement, regardless of size, industry and geographic location. Thinking about data backup is a good first step. Business continuity is equally important to consider as it ensures your organization is able to get back up and running in a timely matter if disaster strikes.

How to be ‘Cyber Secure’ as a Small Business

We are no strangers to cyber-crime, whether it be in the form of a suspicious email telling you to transfer money into an unknown account or a full-blown attack against your systems – there is no one that hasn’t been faced with some level of cyber-criminal activity.

What are the common myths about GDPR?

Everyone has been talking about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now for what seems like forever, with most organisations now aware and starting to understand the implications. In this blog we look at a few of the myths surrounding the GDPR.