Paying your team members on time and the correct amount is very important. Delayed payments or incorrect payments can cause frustration, decreased motivation and stress to your employees, it can also result in high turnover which can negatively reflect on your organisation.

From their contracted hours to holiday entitlement, flexi-time, bonuses and rewards, your employees will expect that you are keeping track of what they have earned and that you pay them in full. Many people rely on receiving their monthly salary to pay rent, bills and various outgoings and if their employer pays them late this can cause major repercussions.

When your payroll isn’t managed correctly, you break your teams trust and it can often result in team members leaving for new jobs.

Different types of employees

Depending on your organisation, you will have different ways of working out payroll, from timesheets for contractors, PAYE codes for permanent employees, to check in and check out processes for zero hour contracted team members.

Tracking can often be a struggle as you need to accurately track, monitor and communicate hours worked into a payroll system. It can be a long-winded, clunky process but it doesn’t have to be.

How can Microsoft solutions help with payroll?

Microsoft provides you with a full set of tools which can transform a very heavy admin process to a slick and quick one.

There are three core solutions that can help:
Business Central
• Power Platform
• Microsoft Teams

If you would like to learn how these solutions can streamline your payroll process, watch the below webinar with Eddie Harford, the CEO of the Dogma Group.

*26 mins 25 seconds is when Microsoft’s solutions are discussed.*

Learn more about Business Central.
Get in touch and our team of technical experts will be able to discuss your options.
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