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New Data Protection Bill to be launched in September

Over recent months there has been more and more focus on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the news, expressing the massive effect the new laws will have on every companies’ data privacy rules once the changes have been implemented. The Government has now announced their intention to publish the new Data Protection Bill and bring it into UK law in September 2017.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

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With the recent increase in Ransomware and Malware infecting businesses of all sizes around the globe, it’s imperative now more than ever to ensure that your organisation has a strong and reactive defense put in place, preventing your business from falling victim to these cyber-attacks.

Why you need business-grade file and sync sharing

In today’s workplace, people constantly need to collaborate—and users are increasingly mobile, using a variety of devices. That’s why file sync and share (FSS) tools are so popular. In fact, effective collaboration and organisational productivity increasingly depends on broad user adoption of FSS. However, consumer-grade FSS products have a number of limitations that can make them inappropriate for business use.

Is your business GDPR ready?

The General Data Protection Regulations should be on every businesses agenda’s at the moment, with little over a year to go before it is due to come into effect on the 25th May 2018.

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Backup and Recovery Solutions for your Systems and Data

Could your business cope if it lost all of it’s client and business data. What if you had an unforeseen technical problem, flood or human error lead to data loss? How quickly could your systems be recovered in the event of a disaster?

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Recruitment Agencies Being Targeted By Ransomware

Cyber criminals have been targeting HR professionals with an email that appears to be from a candidate. They are sending a fake CV and an excel form that asks to ‘enable macros’. If this is enabled the file will generate an executable file and launch Ransomware.

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Ransomware Puts Schools In Detention

Last month we were introduced to GoldenEye, a malicious strain of ransomware which targeted the Human Resource departments of several companies in Germany by impersonating a potential candidate. Today, it emerged that copy-cat scammers are now targeting staff in schools.

Popcorn Time: The Ransomware That Keeps On Giving

With the holiday season approaching, it looks like hackers—and even their victims—are in the giving spirit.

How do ransomware threats spread?

Ransomware and any other advanced piece of financial or data stealing malware spreads by any available means.