A Look Back at Teams Webinar

A Look Back at our Microsoft Teams Webinar Series

You will have seen over the course of the last two months that we have hosted two live webinars taking both a theoretical and practical look at Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s latest collaboration and productivity application.

Insomnia roundup

Insomnia 2019 Roundup!

24 hours, 134 cans of energy drinks, litres of coffee, 4 slow cookers, several fuelling breaks and £2,500 later and the 4th annual Insomnia event is complete!

The Best Cyber Security Groups

The Best Cyber Security Groups

A great way to see how others are tackling cybercrime is to join both online and offline networking groups.


We are once again donning our gaming headphones and entering a 24 hour gaming marathon in aid of Hertforshire Action on Disability…

Cyber Crime Essentials Recap

Catch up on our Cyber Crime Essentials events!

Over the course of the last month, we have been running our Cyber Crime Essentials series, exploring the rise in cyber-crime and arming you with the tools and knowledge you need to educate your teams to help tackle the latest and realist cybersecurity threats. This blog brings you all the key information from each of the talks!