Educate your team on phishing emails

To prevent falling victim to a phishing attack, educate your team on what they should be looking out for.

Attacker Advice: How do I spot a Phishing Email?

It’s important that all employees are conscious of fake emails appearing in their inboxes. Check out our 5 top tips for spotting a phishing email.

don't get hooked

Don’t get hooked! How to avoid phishing attacks

This infographic focusses on best practices in avoiding phishing attacks. Share it with your teams!

Fake invoices

An Increase in Fake Invoices Sent from 365 Accounts

Today we bring you some advice straight from our helpdesk team who have seen an increase in fake emails being sent from Office 365 accounts

Phishing attack info.

How do you spot a phishing attack?

Hundreds of phishing emails are sent out each day. Some are blatant, some are not. Here are some tips for spotting them!

Desk top computer with padlock graphic

Common Types of Ransomware

Let’s take a look at the common examples of ransomware.


Top Tips for Spotting Scam Emails

Educate your team on how to spot the tell-tell signs of a scam email before it has the chance to escalate.

Landell Mills Case Study Image

PLEASE READ – Large Scale Cyber Attack, educate your teams.

You no doubt will have seen the news over the last few days about the large scale cyber-attack which hit the NHS and many other organisations across the world. The scale of the attack and its subsequent impact is unprecedented and this will no doubt lead to you having questions and concerns around the security of your own IT systems.

Computer screen showing padlock and code - security

Computer Malware and Viruses. What are they? How can you protect against them?

I’m almost certain that you will have come across some sort of virus or malware during your time using computers. Maybe you just got some annoying pop ups during your web browsing or maybe you were hit with one of the strains of crypto viruses. It can be helpful to know what sort of threats are out there so you can be better educated to protect your business against these threats.