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What is Opera 3 CRM?

CRM is a fully integrated application of Opera 3 that gives you clear visibility into all stages of the sales process. From the first point of contact, you can manage prospects, convert prospects to customers, manage the customer relationship, report on their profitability and increase your business potential with them, all from one solution.

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Once a prospect becomes a customer, you can continue to log activity such as mailings, conversations, tasks and promotion. Opera 3 CRM integrates with Outlook, Excel and Word so that you can manage your communications. Seamless integration with Supply Chain Management and Financials eliminates re-keying and ensures account information is always close at hand. Opera 3 CRM makes it easy for you to generate specific quotations for a customer or prospect. You can also create tailored mail shots using contacts filtered by criteria or pre-defined groups, for more intelligent marketing. It analyse opportunities by referral method, type and competitor.

CRM helps you keep tabs your relationships with your customers, by enabling you to record notes and history against a contact, record and track sales opportunities against a contact, and book appointments with a contact, which are automatically updated to your Outlook diary and recorded against the contact’s history. Employees can also access the CRM remotely, which is particularly useful for sales people and other mobile workers.

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