You will have seen over the course of the last two months that we have hosted two live webinars taking both a theoretical and practical look at Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s latest collaboration and productivity application. With the phase-out of Skype for Business we thought now would be the ideal time to begin to promote the use of Teams and to let you know how we are currently using the application within Complete I.T.

Webinar 1: Tips and Tricks for Getting Started With and Using Microsoft Teams

For our first webinar looking at Teams we were joined by Mark Deakin, Expert Technology Strategist from Microsoft.

In this webinar Mark introduced some of the key features of teams such as:

Communicate through chat:

Teams allows you and your teams to communicate across geographies, languages and organisations. Whether you are chatting to a colleague or a whole department, the chat function in teams is available across mobile, desktop and browser allowing your teams to keep connected no matter where they are. On top of this you can host and record meetings, all within the Teams application.

Collaborate on documents:

Within the same chat function, Teams also allows users to collaborate on the same document in real time. Using the File function, you can upload and share files with your teams all without leaving the app. When you need to work on something at the same time you can do, as well as seeing amendment history.

Collaborate with integrated Office 365 Apps:

On top of the chat and meeting functions, you can do a whole lot more in Teams by integrating your favourite third party apps and services like SurveyMonkey, Hootsuite and a load more. You can also integrate workflows to simplify processes and accelerate decision making.

Towards the end of this webinar our attendees also had the chance to put their question to Mark. Some of these include a discussion around guest access if holding meetings externally, channel level permissions and the call features.

If you would like to see the recording of this webinar you can do so here.

Webinar 2: Microsoft Teams – A Live Demo

For the second of our Microsoft Teams webinars, we handed the reigns over to Simon Jefferies, Head of Technology here at Complete I.T. as well as Mark Whittlesea, one of our lead consultants.

This webinar looked at a more practical example of using Teams within a real business and Simon and Mark gave a comprehensive overview of how we are using the new features internally here at Complete I.T.

We have introduced Teams over the last 6 months and have now fully rolled it out to the whole business. In this webinar we look at the main Teams features that we use to give you a real live use case looking at some of the most important and cutting edge features of the application.

See the recording for the latest Teams webinar here.

If you would like to talk to us about Office 365, the package which includes the use of Teams, please contact us today. Alternatively, have a look at one of our blog posts looking at the best features of Teams.

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