Historically, when it comes to recording visitors that pass through your organisation, a visitors book is usually used to record what time they arrive and leave.

When thinking about GDPR, a visitors book isn’t the most suitable method as most of the time, everyone who has access to the book can see the contents of it.

Visitor book considerations:

  • Is the visitor book stored away overnight?
  • Are the badges securely disposed of?
  • What happens when the books are filled, where do you store them and how long for?
  • How do you dispose of the book?
  • Can other visitors see who else has visited your organisation?

There are many considerations when using a visitor book to log visitors but ultimately this old fashioned method isn’t the most effective or secure. Instead, using a Visitor Management System will help you to manage who is coming in and going out of your organisation, quickly, easily and without sifting through pages and pages of a visitors book.

Visitor Management System

Using a Visitor Management System can not only help you with confidentially tracking visitors in your building but it can also record all of your team members who are on and off-site.

This is very beneficial in the event of a disaster, such as fire as the Office Manager is able to access the Management Portal and quickly identify who is on and off-site, so everyone can be accounted for and their safety ensured.

Fire Assembly Point

Tracking and Tracing

For COVID19 track and trace purposes, in the event of an outbreak you will have a record of who has been on-site and you are able to inform those people to get tested or self-isolate. If you have a building with various sections and outbuildings, it will also allow you to prove that only people within one area have been affected and other areas can carry on as they were.


Knowing who has been onsite helps protect your data and is a key requirement for the ISO27001 Information Security Certification.

In circumstances such as theft, you would also be able to identify who was on site on that day.

Signing in

There are a variety of ways you can sign into the office, which include:

  • Via the Kiosk
  • WOL app
  • Geofencing with the app
  • Scanning a QR code on the kiosk
  • Scanning QR code on the app

This ensures your team can safely use a contactless method to sign in when arriving at the office.


Email and Text notifications can be sent to your devices to inform you that your visitor has arrived, whether that is a client, a prospect or an interviewee.

It is also helpful for accounting for deliveries entering your organisation. Long gone are the days when you are trying to track down your parcel that is hidden under someone’s desk in the office.

If you have any questions, would like to book a demo or would like to speak to a member of our team to discuss our support and solution, contact us today!


You can also watch the full webinar recording with Matt to learn more.

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