On Tuesday 23rd of May I made my way over to Berkhampsted to shadow our fantastic Technical Consultant David Haynes as he carried out an onsite visit with one of our long-standing clients, MOT Model agency. As we walked into the office I was greeted by the Director, Mike Illes, who’s description of the Paris – Roubaix sportive tour he’d recently completed made me painfully aware of how much I need to hit the gym. Aside from shedding light on my less than impressive fitness regime – the visit gave an eye-opening insight into the relationship between our Technical Consultants and our Clients, ending my month’s induction period perfectly.


How the Morning Went The day started with a 1-2-1 meeting between David and Mike, where they had a transparent conversation about what changes needed to be made and what David had been working on behind the scenes. For every question Mike had, David had several excellent suggestions that were tailored to the needs of the company, offering different avenues to best back up data without incurring large costs in the process. Alongside discussing the IT needs of the company there was also friendly chatter between the two – which was a perfect example of the ideal relationship that Complete I.T. aim to achieve with our clients through face to face meetings and consistent communication. Once Mike was completely up to speed with what had been done since the last visit, it was time to get to work on further improving the recovery system of the company’s data and ensuring that everything was working effectively within the company’s server. It was amazing to see David’s willingness to go above and beyond for our Clients, happily agreeing to update the server at 7 PM on Friday to ensure that it wouldn’t have any impact on MOT’s working hours. Summary The morning flew by, and as we left the MOT office I left with confirmation that the CIT values and culture aren’t just implemented within the office walls, they are also lived by on site – and David is a fantastic example of how a Technical Consultant should always put the needs and happiness of the Client first. By Lauren Fowles, Marketing Executive

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