One of the most effective ways to keep your systems safe is through the practice of secure and strong passwords, rather than a standard one used throughout the organisation.

However, with a truly secure password involving a mixture of upper and lower-case letters alongside numbers and characters alike –  it can be difficult to remember one, let alone multiple passwords over a variety of different platforms. Which is where products such as RememBear come in!


What is RememBear?

RememBear is a Password Manager Tool that is free to download and use as you please.

It will generate suitably complex passwords so that there is no need to use your dogs name alongside your date of birth any more.

Currently, less than 3% of people use a Password Manager as many of the existing tools are designed for technologically minded people, making them complicated to set up and manage efficiently.

RememBear was designed to offer all the security benefits of a complex Password Manager Tool but with a friendly, approachable design and a simple user experience.

The product allows you to keep all your passwords and log in information in one secure place that only you have access to, all you need to remember is the ‘Master Password’ that RememBear requires for you to log into your account.

Is RememBear Secure?

The short answer, Yes.

Although the RememBear tool is currently within the Beta stage of its development, the security is not. The team behind the creation of the product have engineered a strong end to end encryption that has been thoroughly audited.

How do you download the tool?

The product can be installed onto your web browser, desktop and your phone through the RememBear website:

Once you have decided on your ‘Master Password’ and either written down or stored your ‘New Device Key’ that the tool will create for you – you will be set up and ready to start benefiting from this Password Management Tool!

Should you have any questions regarding how this tool would work for your business, feel free to contact us and speak with a member of our team.

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