Are we the best at service delivery?

An account from James Miller, National Helpdesk Manager

I started my I.T. journey in 2000, joining Complete I.T. (CIT) in 2016. Before becoming part of the team here I held a few roles, from working for a Global I.T. Services company, supporting 14,000 users and a few hundred servers throughout EMEA, to working in a small team of 3 owning the internal I.T. infrastructure for a telephony and software company, as well as working as a Technical Consultant at another Managed Support Provider (MSP).

I’m very lucky to say that my experience in such varied environments allows me to know when somewhere is good. When a company gets in good people, has a positive ethos and a driven mindset.

Well, CIT is not just good, it’s great – it’s standout great in fact! Our team have great passion and motivation, and it’s important to us that everyone feels valued and listened to which is why we have structures in place to help ensure that everyone is happy at work and in control of their career.

As a team, we all look after each other. We don’t just go the extra mile for our clients, but we also go the extra mile for one another – we are always on hand to help, all you have to do it ask.

Passing on a bit of our passion and joy as well as implementing IT support and services is what the Complete I.T. team does, day in, day out. At CIT, we don’t just have to help, we want to help. We enjoy speaking with our clients and knowing that today, we helped them. No problem is too big, and no request is too small, we enjoy taking away stress or frustration, getting a business running again, just knowing we made things better in some way.

Not only that, CIT has built itself around being a local team for local businesses. We offer support and services for all of your technology needs to businesses that are in close proximity to our offices across the UK. This way we can form strong relationships and are never too far away from our client’s premises.


How we feel and how our clients feel is really important

Our average across all teams in the UK for 1st response SLA success is 98%

(sample is the 3 consecutive months prior to Nov 2021)

Our average time to 1st response is 2 hours

First response is not a generic email – it’s a real person taking action to resolve an issue.

(sample is the 12 consecutive months prior to Nov 2021)

Our average phone answer time is 8.6 seconds

Answered by a member of our team from the point their phone rings – not a recorded message or comfort prompt.

(sample is the 3 consecutive months prior to Nov 2021)

To note: Some of our sample stats are inclusive of the pandemic period, reflective of all the issues that working from home initially brought with it.

However, what really matters is what our clients think of our service

Our average feedback received from our clients is 99% positive, with actions taken on each and every comment where someone felt we didn’t quite hit the mark like usual.  Feedback gives us that opportunity to learn and be even better next time.  (sample is the 6 consecutive months prior November 2021 – 1406 individual feedback surveys received)

If teamwork, passion and drive is what you are after, the team at CIT could be the perfect fit for you.

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