Are we the best at service delivery?

I have worked at Complete I.T. collectively for 7 years now and have been lucky enough to experience a number of different roles and responsibilities all draped in service delivery. So with that in mind, of course I could comfortably sit here and tell you that the service we offer our clients is better than the rest – but then of course, anyone in I.T. Support can, right? I can prove it though, but first I have to share my story. 

So go and grab that cuppa Gladys promised you an hour ago and maybe a biscuit too (Spoil yourself), because here we go:

I didn’t originally set out for a career in I.T. support, like a lot of people in our industry, I enjoyed playing computer games and I had a natural interest in computers as a result. Before I.T. I worked in radio (the on-air name ‘Boy Wonder’ still haunts my slumber), but that’s another story all together. I began my career working as a first line support technician and genuinely loved helping people. I progressed from there and stayed with Complete I.T. before I left my position as a team leader for pastures new. I had learnt a great deal about service delivery from Complete I.T. but it was time to try something new. I then continued my career in I.T. working for numerous other smaller support companies (Three in total) believing that I could make a difference, but something never quite clicked the way it did at Complete I.T. Maybe it was because that was where it all began, but regardless, I always found myself comparing their technique and service delivery to my time at CIT and it never quite stacked up.

And so it was inevitable that I would find myself making a return to the homestead at CIT some years later. I was lucky enough to find out I would be starting a family and wanted a job I could be proud of. A brand I could represent and know that it was a brand with a future. A brand that our clients would rave about and tell their friends. I remember messaging my wife half way through my first day back at Complete I.T. with a text that simply read “I’m home” – I think that says it all really.

So how does this all tie in with service delivery? Well its simple as far as I am concerned. If you have a place of work that you wake up and look forward to going to. A place that you can be proud of. A place where you share success, make friends, laugh, work hard, have a career and CARE – then it’s a place that you will inevitably give 100% to delivering a better service for your clients – and that place is Complete I.T. – I should mention that when I started my job in I.T. as a young 20 something, I may have liked playing computer games, but in the grand scheme of things, I didn’t really know a lot about fixing I.T. issues past the basics of my home computer (“Did you try turning it off and on again?!”) – what I did have though is the ability to LISTEN to people. The ability to display empathy and more important than anything else – Communicate with people. We don’t hire engineers. We hire good listeners. Good communicators. We are at our core, a communications company who just happen to do I.T. support. I currently work at the High Wycombe office!

And that my friends, is why Complete I.T. is the best at service delivery.

By James Harris, Helpdesk Service Delivery Manager

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