Complete Telephony (VoIP)

Telephony in the Cloud rather than On-Premise

What is Hosted Telephony?

In simple terms, hosted telephony is a telephone service that uses the Internet rather than landlines, also known as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

A simple licensing structure, features that would be great if they weren’t all chargeable extras and an intuitive user interface that people actually want to use all seemed impossible to find in one package. We have designed a communications platform for our clients that will alleviate the need for a complicated telephony solution.

Complete Telephony is a fully featured, 100% cloud-based, simple to use VOIP solution designed to enable your teams to work smarter and safer.

ISDN and PSDN lines (traditional phone lines) are no longer being sold by BT and will be fully switched off by 2025. This is due to internet speeds improving and businesses being able to utilise their existing connectivity to deliver their voice.

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Unified Communications for business

  • Cloud-based VoIP telephony
  • Save money with inclusive calls
  • Advanced collaboration tools
  • Microsoft Teams integration included
  • Call queues, auto attendant & on-hold music
  • Intelligent CRM integrations

Key Features

Your CIT Team

UK Hosted Telephony helpdesk support team. One number to call, one team to help.



A simple drag and drop interface for easy conferencing both internally and externally.


Unified Communications

Make calls from a desk phone, your PC (including Macs) or via a mobile app.

Microsoft Teams

New feature: Full integration into Microsoft Teams.

Hot Desking

If your teams work from different locations or frequently use different desks, you can now make and receive calls from wherever you are.


Simple Licensing

Scale up or down as your business needs change. Per user per month licences.

Click to dial

Simply click on the number you want to call in your favorite apps, browsers or programs.

Always available

Access to telephony no matter where you are, with access to the softphone, desk phone and Mobile App


Integration into line of business applications


Call Recording

Inclusive, unlimited call recording, stored locally with the option to archive.


Call Transfer

Transfer calls to your teams wherever they are. Enables working from home.

The Complete Hosted Telephony Desktop App
  • Conferencing
  • Windows & Mac
  • Call control using physical device
  • Upload company contacts list
  • Google contacts list
  • Drag & Drop functionality
  • Transfer calls
  • Instant messaging
  • Voicemail
  • File sharing
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • MS Outlook/Exchange integration
  • Browser integration
  • Department group messaging
  • CRM integration
The Complete Hosted Telephony Desktop App
mobile app
Complete Telephony Mobile App
  • For iOS & Android
  • Voicemail management
  • Ability to ring out displaying the office number
  • Conference calling management
  • Instant messaging
  • Individual call stats

Easy to use, drag and drop for adding up to 20 members per call, allows calls to be pre-scheduled or created instantly, best of all…. Each user gets a conference line.

call recording
Call Recording

Call Recording allows you to record and archive all inbound or outbound calls.
Stored locally for 3 months with the option to archive for 6 years.

voicemail to email
Voicemail to email

With Voicemail to Email functionality, you can now read the content of the voicemail left for you rather than having to click on the MP3 attachment to listen to the voicemail. 

Meaning you can quickly identify the caller and prioritise the message even more efficiently and discreetly, especially whilst on the move!

CRM Integration

Seamless integration with different CRM systems, giving the ability to track and record activity in a more efficient way.

Click to dial

Simply click a number to dial and the phone, mobile or app will ring….

click to dial
CRM integration

How It Works

Activation & Installation

  • One-off activation & setup fee
  • Installation, training & number porting will be proposed separately depending on the needs of your organisation


  • Licenses can flex if your needs change, easily scaling up or down
  • Licensing is billed in advance and call costs are billed in arrears
  • Payment is via Direct Debit

Service Costs

  • Simple monthly cost per license (every person with an extension and conference phone needs a license)
  • 1 colour screen handset per license included
  • 1000 free minutes per month, per license