IT Maintenance

To suit your business needs

Pro-active Maintenance

We will determine a comprehensive series of actions and checks to be carried out periodically on your IT equipment. These checks are carried out to ensure everything within your IT infrastructure, from perimeter firewall to desktop PCs, is kept up to date, and functioning optimally.

These checks will include such things as:

  • Firmware updates
  • Operating system updates
  • Security patches
  • Productivity suite updates
  • We will also carry out physical checks, and again, the scope of these is determined by your IT infrastructure, but can include:
  • Physical checks on UPS batteries
  • Cabling and wiring
  • Dust ingress in static devices such as PCs, servers and rack-mounted equipment
  • Server disks (usually checked through software server management tools as well as physically checking the hardware)
Proactive Maintenance

Complete Endpoint Security and Remote Workplace Monitoring services, these checks allow us to keep a close eye on the state of your IT, and advise when anything needs updating or replacing. Where a series of checks are carried out on your IT infrastructure to ensure everything is up to date, such as firmware updates, security patches, and the like, as well as keeping on top of physical hardware, for example confirming through both software reporting and physical checking that the batteries in a UPS are working properly and able to hold up your critical systems in the event of a power cut.

As your technical expert, it is also our role to consult and advise on how frequently and to what degree these maintenance tasks need to be carried out, to help you budget our on-site time to best suit your needs.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance

We also carry out other maintenance, which would as the title suggests, normally be at your request. These maintenance visits can include tasks such as replacing common PC or server components, e.g. failed fans, broken keyboards etc, right through to carrying out more in-depth servicing on printers, re-wiring patch cabinets and server arrays, and installing new devices (desktops/laptops, servers, networking devices, wireless access points and firewalls, or mobile devices such as tablets).