Data Protection

How quickly could you recover your data?


Do you know how long it would take your organisation to recover should you experience a data breach?

Data breaches are affecting organisations big and small and familiarising yourself so that your data is not left vulnerable is a great first step in securing your organisations systems. Whether data is stolen for malicious intent or an organisation inadvertently leaves data unprotected and exposed, you are responsible and could face huge fines and reputational damage if your data is compromised.

We have put together this simple infographic around data loss and recovery to help you to understand the impact it could have, should you not have a data protection plan in place.

Data Recovery Infographic
Data Recovery Infographic

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A Simple Guide to GDPR Compliance

A good place to start when you are thinking about data protection is reviewing how, and where your data is stored as well as understanding who has access.



Look at where your data is stored, every department will hold some form of personal data.



Your teams must understand the GDPR and know where their responsibility lies. Their contracts need updating too.


Are the systems you are using to store data secure and do you have a record of their privacy policies?

Don’t be scared

If your data is no longer needed do not be scared to delete, get rid of any data you no longer need.


You must know where all of your data is stored, databases, CRM’s, filing cabinets, company drives


How was your data collected and did you get permission to hold the data? Honesty is the best policy

The GDPR explained in simple terms.



Document everything with regards to your journey towards GDPR compliance. Honesty is the best policy.


Your Privacy/Cookie Policy will need to be reviewed and updated, what do you do with your data?

Data Protection Webinars

Watch our webinars on-demand, where we talk about the rules and laws your organisation should be following, we give you an introduction to IS022001, visitor management systems are discussed, as well as the increasing cyber threats that could put your data at risk.

Grant Boiler

Data Protection, the laws and principles that your organisations must be following?

Grant Boiler

Information Security and Data Protection – an introduction to ISO27001

Grant Boiler

Do you know where your data sits, who has access and how secure it is?

 Visitor Management System Keep Track of Your Team and Follow Government Guidance

Visitor Management System Keep Track of Your Team and Follow Government Guidance 

The Evolution of Cyber Security and Protecting Your Data

The Evolution of Cyber Security and Protecting Your Data

Our Top Tips

It’s important to educate your teams on a regular basis to help protect your organisation’s data. Simple things like having a strong password, knowing how to spot a phishing email and how to stay safe on social media are all great ways to help minimise the risks of a cyber attack and a data breach.

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The Importance of Data Security

The Importance of Data Security

Many organisations collect, use and store personal data every day. This data needs to be kept and used for the reason it was agreed upon, kept private from those who do not require access and it must be stored and secured in a protected location. It is important to...

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