What will 5G bring?

95% of households in the UK own a mobile phone. With increasing consumption and higher demands, 5G has been developed to improve communication.

What is SharePoint and why is it great?

SharePoint is an Office 365 application where you can organise, store, access and share your documents, files and photos securely and access them remotely.

What is Teams Rooms?

Connect your laptop to the big screen with Teams Rooms making meetings a breeze. Not only that but Teams has a range of benefits which make your life easier.

Is remote and flexible working hours the way forward?

If everyone is so different should organisations implement remote and flexible working hours to accommodate this and get the best out of their team?

Don’t fear the cloud

It can be daunting moving all your documents and data from a physical server to the mysterious cloud but, it’s much more secure, can save money and is scalable.

Are you sharing photos and files safely?

When storing and sharing photos it’s important to use a trusted and safe website or software, otherwise you could find yourself in a GDPR mess.

How well do you know Microsoft

How well do you know Microsoft?

Well, the answer is that we know them very well – with 4 Microsoft Gold competencies and 2 Microsoft Silver competencies

Benefits of moving to the cloud

Why you should move to the cloud

It’s been a while since we last wrote about the benefits associated with moving your business to the cloud, so we thought we would give the list a bit of an update!

Microsoft 365, what is it and how is it different to Office 365?

Microsoft recently introduced Microsoft 365 a bundle of existing products under one license, saving small to medium businesses time and money.


How the Cloud can Benefit your Business – Microsoft Azure

With the options in cloud solutions continually increasing, it can be difficult to find the best solution for your business.