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Why Add Cloud Backup

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Cloud Services

With cloud computing now being the go-to as more organisations continue to move away from traditional IT infrastructure, you need to consider where your data now is and how secure it is.

Many organisations using Office 365 believe that their data is totally secure, but this is not the case. Although Microsoft offer many benefits in productivity, efficiency and collaboration with Office 365, they don’t actually provide users with a comprehensive backup system for their underlying data.

While organisations do their best to prepare themselves for potential problems such as mechanical errors, user errors and power outages – which all put cloud data at risk – no plan is fool-proof. It is becoming a frequent occurrence to hear about another company that has fallen victim to a cyber attack which has resulted in a loss of data.

Around 32% of companies get hit by data loss in the cloud with the most common cause being deletion

Although nearly two-thirds of data loss is accidental, 20% is lost to malicious intent, including hackers

Cloud Backup Saves Data, Time & Money

Cloud backup can be the difference between a slight blip and a total disaster. Therefore, it is not only essential, but best practice to include backups in your organisation’s larger disaster recovery plan. If your data isn’t backed up, you could be facing not only a loss of business productivity as you scramble to rebuild, but also a loss in revenue and a damaged reputation.

Office 365 is an excellent service that gives you access to your data from virtually any place at any time — and across many devices. This should not, however, be confused with a comprehensive data protection solution.

Microsoft does not back up O365 user data, so it recommends that customers use third-party solutions. Furthermore, Microsoft doesn’t protect data from common issues like file corruption or everyday human error. Nor does it offer a way to easily revert to older versions if something goes wrong beyond their normal data retention policy.

Here at Complete I.T., we can help you to evaluate your options and discuss how implementing a backup solution can be cost-effective, seamless and offer that much needed peace of mind.