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Why Do I Need a Disaster Recovery Plan?

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Data Protection

Your organisation needs a disaster recovery plan to help prepare for the worst-case scenario.  Natural disasters, human error and cyber crime can all lead to loss of data and the resolution is having a robust backup solution and disaster recovery plan in place to help your business operate business as usual with limited downtime.


4 reasons why you need a disaster recovery plan


Human Error

Accidental deletion, pressing the wrong button or forgetting to click save can all lead to data loss. Training your team on how to use programs in the right and most efficient way is vital for prevention, using autosave on Microsoft Office programs is always recommended and backing up data regularly is essential.

Cyber Crime

Cyber attacks are often hard to spot and require a sophisticated multi-layered approach and regular user education to help put a stop to them.

Businesses of all sizes are targeted and a step-by-step disaster recovery plan is important. This needs to detail, how your organisation would deal with an attack, how you would recover and how you can limit business downtime to avoid negative repercussions.

IT Network Support

Hardware failure

Technology helps us in so many ways but like most things, it isn’t always 100% reliable.

If your hardware fails, whether it’s because of a power surge or technical issue, you can lose all of your data in a flash. Various methods can help protect your hardware but it is essential to regularly back up your data.

We recommend using off-site or cloud-based storage as part of your disaster recovery plan, to help prevent the possibility of data loss through hardware failure.

Reduce downtime and repercussions

The worrying truth about data loss is that 40% of all businesses close their doors permanently and 90% of small businesses fail within two years after being struck by disaster, according to a report by Datto.

Downtime due to data loss can make it difficult for your team to operate “business as usual” which could result in loss of money, huge fines, damage to business reputation and could lead to you closing your doors permanently.

Having a back-up of your data and disaster recovery plan in place will help your business bounce back from disaster and help you to continue to operate, with limited downtime.


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