IT support within law and finance

IT Support within Law and Finance

Have you thought about the IT challenges that legal and financial firms are facing in the world of cyber crime?

IT Support in Education

Have you ever thought about the need for continued IT support within schools and colleges and the cyber risks associated with it?

Why are our clients clients

Why do we call our clients, clients?

Something that we got asked quite a lot is this – why do we call our clients, clients? Why don’t we call them customers like everyone else? And why does that matter anyway?

Meet David Flint – Technical Consultant for Thames Valley

We love to build relationships with our clients, and so when one of the team asks if they can share their experience of building relationships we of course oblige!

The ROI of outsourcing IT

The ROI of outsourcing IT

When it comes to outsourcing, the Return on Investment (ROI) is a metric you will probably be watching very closely as you assess the effectiveness of your decision.

Stay because you want to stay

Stay because you want to stay!

In the subscription based world that we find ourselves in today, have you ever asked yourself why you still have your accounts debited each month?

Relationships blog

Why relationships are so important to us

When trusting your businesses IT systems with an outsourced team it is crucial that you form a strong relationship with them. After all, they are looking after the foundations of your business.

BreakFix Setup

Break/Fix setup or a Managed Services Provider?

The Break/Fix IT support model is something that has been followed for years, but it probably isn’t right for you.

Signs you need a new provider

4 signs you need a new IT support provider

IT Support is a crucial part of any business, but what happens if you feel like you aren’t receiving the level of service you agreed to? This post helps answer some of those questions.

Outsource blog

Why you should outsource your IT as opposed to employing a full-time head

Choosing whether to outsource your IT support or keep it in-house is a difficult decision for any business. Drawing on our 25 years’ worth of experience providing award-winning IT support services, we have pulled together this list of reasons as to why you should consider outsourcing your IT support instead of hiring a full-time employee.