Meet Our Technical Consultant Mark Allen

Complete I.T. believe strongly in the importance of building relationships and getting to know our clients, as well as them getting to know us.

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IT Support London – Meet the team

Complete I.T. is built around its people, the team that makes up each office. As an Account Manager for Complete I.T. London, I have the opportunity to work closely with many of the CIT team.

CIT team member meeting a client

How do I even begin looking for a new IT Support Provider?

I am sure you receive a number of emails and calls from IT Support Providers on a daily basis, saying they are different, they really care, they are the best at what they do. With varying messages from, ‘everything can be done remotely, that is the way the world is going’ to ‘you must have on-site time, remote helpdesks are too impersonal’. How do you know who to believe, who to put your trust in looking after, arguably, the most important aspect of your business?

Is your IT just ‘OK’?

We speak to businesses every day who describe their IT support, systems and infrastructure as ‘ok’. Is ‘ok’ enough in this day and age? We don’t think so.

My morning with a Complete I.T. Technical Consultant

On Tuesday 23rd of May I made my way over to Berkhamsted to shadow our fantastic Technical Consultant David Haynes as he carried out an onsite visit with one of our long-standing clients, MOT Model agency.

What’s Hot…

There are some IT services that are simply crucial to any business! As your IT partner, Complete I.T. understand your business, its objectives and have various services and technologies that will allow you to overtake your competition in the business arena, I will be covering this in the next few blogs.

What is server monitoring, and what are you looking for?

IT systems are critical to most of your business processes – if you have a company server, keeping it running smoothly is vital. Server outages are hugely disruptive and expensive, particularly if you don’t know why the machine crashed in the first place.
Server monitoring can be thought of as an early warning system, intended to identify potentially serious problems so that they can be resolved before the server crashes. But what are you looking for?

Let’s get strategic – putting IT to work for your business

For many businesses, IT is a “necessary evil”, something relied upon for certain tasks, but only just tolerated. For these organisations, computers offer little to no additional value.

But the reality is that IT can play a key role in helping your business reach its strategic goals. In fact, those businesses that fully embrace IT may find that they are able to rapidly accelerate their growth plans and reach milestone targets more quickly.

Transform the way you work

Discover how the Cloud will enhance your business performance.

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Outsourced IT Support built for you

At Complete I.T. we love taking technology problems off your hands, providing flexible IT support services.