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Are You Planning for Your Return to the Office?

by | May 14, 2020 | IT Services

Are You Planning for Your Return to the Office?

With the Government guidelines changing all the time, most organisations are starting to consider when and how they will return to their office environments. It’s not just technology that will need to be considered, but the layout of the office as it is highly likely that the 2 meter rule will be enforced.

With a tiered and rotation approach expected when we are back to work, this will mean the ‘new norm’ of remote working will become more of a permanent feature in a lot of organisations.

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Share and download our PDF if you planning for your return to the office.

Are you ready to return?

Have you considered how your workplace will look in the future? There is no reason that you cannot plan now and start to implement changes immediately.

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Are your teams struggling with collaboration and productivity whilst working from home? We are here to offer you free advice or support for all your IT needs.

Changing the way you work

Have your plans changed, do you need to review your infrastructure or security, update your IT Roadmap or simply need some advice on where to start?

How can we help?

With everything that is happening at the moment we want to offer our help and advice for FREE, if you would like to arrange a no obligation virtual meeting, to discuss your IT needs and how you can start planning for a workplace that may look a little different in the future, please email and we will happily set up a meeting for you.

We are also able to educate your teams around new or existing solutions such as Microsoft Teams, advice on how best to secure your systems, or simply guidance on the solutions that will allow you to collaborate and continue to work as if you are in the office.

Great teamwork relies on a solid structure of organised processes, collaborative working and the right solutions and equipment. However, achieving the optimum teamworking structure can often prove a challenge. Whether it is slow systems, aging equipment or a lack of planning, we are here to offer expert support and advice to you.

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