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Flexibility and Scalability in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Azure

If you are considering moving some or all of your infrastructure or services to the cloud, then Azure from Microsoft may fit the bill.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform and infrastructure that allows businesses to move fully to the cloud, or alternatively to operate hybrid solutions with some services, data or applications remaining on-site.

At Complete I.T. we have substantial experience in helping organisations decide which route is best for their business, using Azure gives us the flexibility to provide a tailored solution. Microsoft Azure offers a wide array of benefits as you would expect from the market leader.

“1/2 of business decision makers worldwide say the cloud lets them be more agile in their business operations”

Is The Cloud For You?

If you feel that moving to the cloud could benefit your business, then why not let us help you explore the options.

We have substantial experience of not only helping organisations choose the correct path, but also migrating their current systems to the cloud, smoothly and seamlessly. If you’d like more information, contact us on the link below.

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“39% of businesses worldwide are planning to use cloud-based backup solutions”


Benefits of Microsoft Azure

  • Provides the highest level security in European data centres that meet the strict EU privacy regulations.
  • Provides 99.9% uptime to ensure your business is always operating and able to access your systems.
  • No upfront or capital costs, just easy to budget monthly charges, providing a tailored solution.
  • Choose to host all your servers in Azure, you will get reduced costs in terms of server warranties and electricity.
  • Reduce risk and downtime by no longer having to worry about ageing or unreliable servers.
  • Flexibility to host all of your infrastructure in the cloud, or utilise a hybrid solution, whatever best suits you.
  • Works with a myriad of operating systems and software languages, providing a single solution.

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