Your Local IT Support Provider

Consultative IT Support built around your business needs

Creating a Safe & Secure Working Environment

No matter where your team are working from

Cyber Security Solutions

Protect your data and sensitive information with a multi-layered strategy alongside proactive support and advice

Case Study With YMCA Cardiff Group

“CIT gives us great confidence that our IT is going to be in a good position in the future”

Cloud Solutions

Secure, scalable and smart, Complete Virtual Workplace covers remote working needs

Hosted Telephony

Your business telephone system in the Cloud

24/7 IT Support

Business as usual, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Complete I.T. were acquired by Sharp Business Systems in 2019 meaning we can now offer our clients an expanded portfolio of technology solutions as we join forces with the Sharp team to become Sharp IT Services. We will continue to offer IT Support, Cyber Security Solutions, Hosted Telephony & Business Applications to our valued clients. As Sharp IT Services we are now backed by a growing team of experts and are able to expand our offering to include Document and Print Services, Audio Visual Services and Workplace Solutions, making us the logical technology partner of choice in the UK.

You will notice our website has a new look and feel to match that of Sharp UK.

Outsourced IT Support

IT Support for small and medium sized organisations

Are you looking for a local IT Support provider to take full responsibility for your IT, so that you can focus on your core responsibilities?

We make technology easy by providing one point of contact for all of your technical support needs. One of our top priorities is to understand your business objectives as we get to know your teams and build lasting relationships.

IT Helpdesk Support

A local helpdesk team who get to know you and your team and limit business downtime

Onsite IT Support

A dedicated, proactive and friendly Technical Consultant who acts as your IT Manager

IT Roadmap

Working with you to ensure your IT plan is up-to-date and achievable

Friendly & Approachable

We become a part of your team and you become a part of ours, as we build lasting relationships

Fixed Monthly Cost

No hidden costs meaning it is easy to budget and scale your organisation

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your systems to protect against and remediate malicious activity


Detailed Process

We will work with you to build out IT processes to better support business priorities

Account Management

Regular meetings with your Account Manager to ensure we are exceeding your expectations

How can Sharp IT Services support your organisation to work smarter and safer?

Whether you’re working from the office full-time, 100% remote or you’re benefiting from a hybrid approach, we offer a suite of IT services and products to support your organisation. A simpler option to dealing with multiple technology partners, Complete I.T. (CIT) are able to offer IT, Telephony, Cyber Security and Cloud management resources all in one location. Our friendly team of technical experts are on hand to help you work safer and smarter, no matter where your team are based.

Microsoft Power Platform

Make informed business decisions, automate processes and boost productivity with Power Automate, Power Apps and Power BI, part of the Microsoft Power Platform.

Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate

What is Power Automate?

Power Automate enables your team to save time by turning their repetitive tasks into streamlined automated processes.

Key Features

Features include:

  • Automate your mundane time-consuming tasks with Power Automate so you can focus your time on other core responsibilities.
  • Providing the right tools to complete your team’s roles will help to improve motivation and job satisfaction. Eliminate repetitive tasks to help boost worth ethic and customer satisfaction.
  • Connect to hundreds of 1st and 3rd party services to help improve processes and business operations across your departments.
  • The possibilities of what you can do with Power Automate are endless. We all deal with processes in our daily working lives and this can be used to help improve them.

How can we help

Based on your systems, solutions and challenges you’d like to overcome, our consultants will prepare a tailored service to deliver the desired automated process to meet your specific business needs.

Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps

What is Power Apps?

Create custom apps with Power Apps to transform manual and repetitive tasks into streamlined simple processes.

Key Features

Features include:

  • Fully customisable to help improve your organisations processes and meet business goals.
  • Use apps on phones, tablets or embed onto websites for either your teams or clients to use.
  • Connect to your data sources and use existing data to improve business operations, sales and service offerings.
  • Benefit from low code – which means quicker development time compared to usual app developers.

How can we help

Based on your systems, solutions and challenges you’d like to overcome, our consultants will prepare a tailored service to deliver the desired app to meet your specific business needs.

Power Apps

Microsoft Power BI

What is Power BI?

Create, automate and optimise data into easy to digest reports and dashboards with Power BI. Gain useful insights and uncover trends, helping you to make more informed decisions and gain competitive advantage.

Key Features

Features include:

  • Simple and clear visuals that are easy to understand.
  • Full control of who has access – apply restrictions where necessary.
  • Saves you time – spend more time getting answers rather than collecting data.
  • Connect to hundreds of data sources such as Excel, Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.
  • Updates in real time, allows you to make reactive decisions.

How can we help

Based on your systems, solutions and challenges you’d like to overcome, our consultants will prepare a tailored service to deliver the desired Power BI reporting to meet your specific business needs.


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Complete Virtual Workplace

Cloud Computing Services

Whether you need help moving your infrastructure from a traditional on-premise server environment or you have already taken the first steps, we are here to help make the transition to cloud computing seamless by leveraging the power of Microsoft 365.

Complete Cyber Security

Cyber Security for SMEs

With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated, cyber security for small and medium sized organisations does not have to be a daunting challenge. We always recommend a multi-layered approach and will ensure your IT systems and data are protected.

Complete Telephony

Cloud Phone Systems

With Complete Hosted Telephony or VoIP, you will have access to a fully featured, cloud-based, simple to use solution. With your telephony supported by your local helpdesk, don’t waste any more time contacting third party providers.

Software Solutions

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP)

Streamline your business functions with one integrated solution.  Bespoke business software built to fit your company’s needs, all supported by your dedicated ERP helpdesk.

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