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Why Is IT Support Important?

by | May 28, 2020 | IT Services

Is IT at the top of your agenda?

Whether you are a start-up, a growing SME or large corporate organisation, IT support is vital. It should be considered as one of your businesses top priorities and privacy / security by design should be on the top of your agenda. Especially due to The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as not following the rules and taking the correct precautions could land you with huge fines and great damage to your reputation.

From unsafe and poorly set up IT infrastructures to a lack of user education, your business could be at risk of highly sophisticated cyber criminals who will use methods such as social engineering and phishing attacks to steal data for financial gain.

Communication between your teams

Through email, phone calls, instant chat and video calling, we communicate with people inside and outside of our organisation, every single day. From sending an email to a client, calling a supplier, instantly messaging a colleague and holding a live webinar to prospects.

In order to keep all of these forms of communication active and running smoothly as well as protected against cyber attacks, a dedicated IT team is needed. For initial set up, general maintenance, software updates and if problems arise, you will require IT support to ensure your business operations can continue to run.

Why Is IT Support Important?

Network connectivity and security 

When it comes to your network, the role of your IT support is to ensure the behind the scenes technical connections are secured. Their responsibilities include setting up your network, maintaining and monitoring, and troubleshooting connectivity.

From your internet connection to your VPN, it is important that you have reliable IT support to ensure your systems stay up and running and that your data remains securely in your hands.

Your IT team will manage your teams devices and resolve any IT errors or problems. For many businesses, suffering with technological downtime results in huge business loss, which is why it is essential that you have an IT team you can count on.

Why Is IT Support Important?

Storage and transportation of data

Different people within your organisation need access to different data and it’s important that you restrict who can see what. You should only have access to the data you require to perform your job, nothing more, nothing less.

90% of data breaches are caused by human error

You must consider how data is stored and also transferred from one person to another, especially when it concerns sensitive data. If data gets into the wrong hands (this is down to human error 90% of the time) you’ll have the ICO on your back if regulations haven’t been properly followed.

Why Is IT Support Important?

Office or remote working infrastructure 

Working full time within an office could be described as a thing of the past. Remote working and flexible working is the future for many organisations but your IT infrastructure and security needs to be thoroughly thought out. It’s become “normal” to be able to access the same files and software as you would in the office, in the comfort of your home but have you considered security? That’s where you IT team will come in and will ensure the safety of business data.

Why Is IT Support Important?


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