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Why Optimised Visitor Management Is Important for the Modern Workplace

by | Feb 9, 2022 | IT Services


The Modern Workplace

The last 18+ months has changed the way a lot of us work, with COVID-19 being the catalyst for this. Many of us had never worked from home before, as working remotely was not a consideration (from employee or employer), neither an option, let alone a requirement.

However, since the pandemic started, many organisations have now adapted to ‘the new normal’ by becoming hybrid workplaces – providing more flexibility within their teams and helping to bring a good home/work balance, by offering flexible remote working days and hours.

Managing a Hybrid Workforce

With a hybrid workforce – unless there are fixed days – this will mean that different members of your team will be working in the office or remotely at different times. Organisations would need procedures in place to ensure they know how many people are in the building and whom for health, safety and welfare reasons.

The Optimised Visitor Management (OVM) Solution

The OVM kiosk is a visitor management solution which allows you to monitor who enters your organisation in a simple way. It’s an efficient sign-in and reception service where employees, contractors and visitors can sign in and out of your workplace. You simply tap the screen and enter your details.

Alternatively, employees can be automatically signed in and out via the mobile app which works in conjunction with geofence technology, making signing in seamless and contactless.

Who OVM Is For

The Optimised Visitor Management solution is suitable for any organisation that has a manned or unmanned reception area. These include organisations in any of the following sectors: commercial, healthcare, education, contractors – just to name a few.

Some types of OVM use include:

Employee Presence Management

Manage on and off-site presence, building access permissions and Health & Safety compliance

Contactor Management

Access permissions, time and attendance reporting and Insurance & Certification management

Compliance Regulations

Fire evacuation procedures, GDPR compliance and lone working regulations

Health & Safety Procedures

Fire registration, panic alarm and acknowledgement of procedures

Visitor Management

Pre-register visitors, track and report on visitors, sync with calendars, notification when visitors arrive and visitor badges

Having clear visibility over who is in the office will create a safer, more secure and a more compliant working environment.

Why You Should Use OVM

Using the OVM system can help alleviate some common challenges of visit management such as time-consuming admin from reception or admin staff, people forgetting to sign in and out, GDPR issues around physical/printed signing in books and people entering the building via different entrances and exits.

It also ensures that employee, visitor and contractor date is all kept in one place and ensures that GDPR and H&S policies are met with one cloud-based solution.

Also, it automates processes to provide an efficient and professional visitor experience, creating a great first impression.

Your visiting system should be at the top of your agenda as you embrace becoming a hybrid working organisation.

Want to learn more?

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