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How Can Your Business Get the Best Out of Microsoft Teams?

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Cloud Services

Are you using Microsoft Teams in the best way possible for your business? From collaborating and sharing files with your team, to meetings and reporting, Microsoft Teams is part of Microsoft 365, an integrated solution, bringing together the best-in-class productivity.

Discover our top 3 essential Microsoft Teams features to help make communicating and collaborating with your team a streamlined and simple process.

Collaborate and share files within Microsoft Teams

Through the power of Microsoft Teams, you are able to access, share and collaborate on files from any device, anywhere, at any time (all you need is a WI-FI connection.)

You and your team can work together on the same document, in real-time. Forget about sending multiple versions via email and getting confused with which document is the most up to date, as you can all work from the same document, with instant, automatic sync and version history tracking.

Share your Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets over on Teams to increase focus and streamline your collaboration processes. Whether that’s via a direct chat, channels or meetings.

You’ll always have access to your files with SharePoint and OneDrive integrated into Teams and will be in full control of who can access, view and edit files.

How to hold effective meetings within Microsoft Teams?

Before your meeting

Easily send out a Microsoft Teams meeting invite through Outlook so your calendar is up to date and you can organise your time effectively. Be sure to always send an agenda for your meetings too so that everyone is aware of the context and goals.

During your meeting

Share your screen when explaining new ideas to your team or when you are giving training to new starters. Simply present PowerPoint slides or as the meeting organiser, you can send groups into breakout rooms for in-depth discussions.

As an attendee, you can interact with meeting presenters by raising your hand or by sending encouraging emojis.

After your meeting

When your meeting starts, be sure to hit the record button so anyone who can’t attend is able to catch up via the recording. The recording function also works well for interviews and case studies, so you don’t have to spend the entire time scribbling down notes and can get accurate quotes (be sure to get permission before recording though).

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How Can Your Business Get the Best Out of Microsoft 365?

Use Power BI to your advantage within Microsoft Teams

We all deal with data daily and often. Trying to make sense of all the data that we process can be a complex and time-consuming challenge.

Power BI, our business intelligence platform empowers your organisation with the tools to connect and integrate data from various sources and then turn that data into valuable, insightful and actionable information to support your organisation’s strategic decisions. Forget about your previous manual reporting processes and connect your entire organisation with intelligent, automated cloud-based technology from Power BI.

The Power BI tab for Microsoft Teams allows you to embed interactive reports into your channels and chats so that you and your team can visualise the valuable data you have and make strategic decisions based on it. Spark important conversations with your team based on reports and dashboards within the Power BI service. You can also access and use the Power BI app in Microsoft Teams to bring the full Power BI experience into Microsoft Teams and give your business a competitive advantage.

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