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5 Tips To Create A Strong Password

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Cyber Security

5 Tips To Create A Strong Password

Letters numbers and  whole lot of nonsense is needed when creating a strong password. Follow our 5 top tips to help create your passwords stronger and keep the cyber criminals away!

5 Tips To Create A Strong Password

  1. 15+ Characters
  2. Stay away from your pets name
  3. Nonsense that makes sense to you
  4. Don’t use the same passwords
  5. Enable 2FA (and MFA)

Stronger passwords = better security

Tip One

Using a minimum of 15 characters and a combination of letters, numbers and symbols will help form a strong passowrd. Using a password manager will also help you manage complex passwords.

Tip Two

Using your pets name “Coco” followed by your year of birth is not a great combo. Real words in general shouldn’t be used and instead, made-up words are needed (see below).

Tip Three

I want to go to Venice to eat ice cream” could mean a great deal to you so abbreviating and changing it to this “!W2g2V3n!323!c” makes your password much stronger!

Tip Four

Even if it’s a strong password, using the same password across multiple accounts is a rookie mistake. If a hacker can access one account, they can then access them all.

Tip Five

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a much needed layer of protection for all your logins. Ensure you enable 2FA or MFA on all of your accounts to help stop fraudsters.

We always recommend a multi-layered approach, which is why a combination of cyber security and disaster recovery solutions as well as educating your team is important.

Learn more about 2FA and why you need it.