Case Study: R3 Environmental Solutions Ltd

Complete I.T. Manager is the right service for R3, due to the flexibility, ease of access


R3 Environmental Solutions Ltd (R3) delivers simple, ethical, and compliant IT waste management services for businesses, operating predominantly throughout the Thames Valley area.

We spoke to Maire Inns, Finance and Compliance Officer at R3 about their relationship with Complete I.T. (CIT) and the ongoing IT support CIT provide from the High Wycombe Office.

Partnering with CIT

R3 have partnered with CIT since 2012, working closely together to ensure their IT supports their business growth plans.

When R3 were looking for a third-party to outsource their IT to, they initially went out to tender. With technical expertise being something that was important to R3, CIT stood out and due to a previous relationship and trust between the businesses, CIT were chosen as R3’s IT support provider.


CIT Team

Maire describes the value of having a technical consultant as “priceless, absolutely priceless”. Her team have a close relationship with their CIT technical consultant and much like the rest of the CIT team, “we just fit together”, said Maire.

Complete I.T. helped R3 set up two separate networks so that they can independently wipe data and disks without it ever going near their own network. This has been hugely beneficial for their organisation as it makes it 100% secure for their customers.

Maire knows the IT helpdesk team by name. “They are a solid team who know the system, know exactly how it works and always sort my problems. The IT Helpdesk have helped me with Servers, Excel, Sage, all sorts of things over the years. They are really helpful. While the helpdesk are taking over my screen, we have chats about the weekend – it’s just like they are part of the team, part of the family.”



CIT Support

When asked why Complete I.T. Manager is the right service for R3, Maire said, “It’s due to the flexibility, ease of access and how CIT help R3 to grow.”

Although R3 don’t have a massive network, they are complex and the fact Complete I.T. are able to help meet their business needs and use remote access is hugely beneficial. As they have grown, having CIT as part of their team has allowed them to expand, empowering their teams to get on with their day-to-day roles.

“Outsourcing to an IT support provider enables our team to focus on their core responsibilities. Nobody has to worry about the latest Microsoft updates – and we can benefit from a wealth of technical expertise and brainpower,” said Maire.

Maire explains that “the support we receive is always of such a high standard. The Complete I.T. team always join together and help to make sure any problems are solved as quickly as possible.”

Future Proofing

IT roadmaps are important to help build out future plans and help your business to identify how they can improve and grow.

COVID has put R3 Environmental Solutions IT roadmap on hold in recent months but the Complete Telephony solution is something they are looking into implementing in the future to help improve their organisation and the way they operate.

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