Complete Email Security Services for Microsoft 365

Email protection against targeted cyber attacks

Complete Email Security Services for Microsoft 365

According to GOV.UK, phishing is the most common method of cyber attack, with 79%-83% of organisations receiving fraudulent emails. Emails that contain malware and suspicious links are all common threats to SMEs. Hackers are using ever more sophisticated techniques, automation and phishing to socially engineer their way onto a network.

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Technology to Protect your Email Environment

Anti-spam services have become critical aspects of an SME’s IT network and SaaS portfolio in the fight against malware. Office 365 has a built-in level of anti-spam technology, providing a base layer of protection for users of Exchange Online.

Complete Email Security for Microsoft 365 will boost your company’s defences against unwanted emails. Using Barracuda Sentinel technology, which detects threats that traditional email security systems cannot. Integrating with Exchange Online to detect attacks coming from both internal and external sources, it uses AI to detect malware within every email sent to and from your organisation’s Exchange server.

Core Features of our Complete Email Security Services

Spear Phishing Prevention

Automatically detect and prevent spear phishing attacks. The AI engine learns each organisations’ unique communication patterns. It then leverages these patterns to identify anomalies and quarantine spear phishing attacks in real-time.

Detection of Employee Impersonation

Detecting any type of employee impersonation, including impersonation of executives. It can detect spoofed emails, typo-squatted domains, and phishing emails sent from free or personal email accounts.

Stop Zero Day Phishing

Discovers anomalies in communication patterns within the body of the email, the link or the email header to stop zero-day phishing attacks.

Detection of Web Impersonation

Emails impersonating web services such as DocuSign and Dropbox are a very successful method of attack and can be very realistic in their look, feel and language. All of these sources are covered.

Investigate Inbox Rules

Changes to users’ inbox rules can indicate an account takeover. Alerts can be created to allow for investigation when changes to inbox rules are detected.

Detect Compromised Email

Automatically identifies malicious emails sent from compromised accounts and will flag them to administrators.

What is a Zero Day Attack?

A zero day attack is an unknown security vulnerability that cyber criminals will leverage to gain access to systems and data. These attacks will not be picked up by anti-virus alone.

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