Network security is the name given to the policies and practices implemented to secure a business’ network. The network administrator will protect and oversee actions being done, as well as monitor and prevent unauthorised access, modification, or misuse of a network and its resources. Staff that need to access the company’s networks are typically assigned an ID and password to be permitted entry, which is managed through the company’s active directory.

Benefits of Network Security

If a network is centrally managed and controlled, then the network never leaves the business’ premises. If it is properly secured, both logically and physically, then any devices leaving the company’s building will not be at risk of letting unauthorised people in. Additionally, access to a network can be tiered, meaning access to certain files can be restricted for particular employees.

Disadvantages of Network Security

A major disadvantage of network security is where the measures have not been properly implemented and are not secure, which would allow unpermitted people to enter the network. Furthermore, the cost of purchasing, installing, and hiring staff to manage a network and keep it secure may negatively impact a business by draining resources unnecessarily. Although it is important to have a secure network, it may be better to outsource this activity to be cost efficient.

What to Look for When Outsourcing Network Security

Like with outsourcing any business function, a good place to begin is service level agreements. By examining a company’s SLAs a business can determine what level of service they can expect, such as round the clock/out of business hours service, and what benefits they may receive if the company fails to reach them. Then it would be wise to look at the practical and technical expertise of staff, are they equipped to deal with the systems and specific technologies that the business uses? Lastly, what range of services do they offer? Do they offer things like firewall management, intrusion detection and prevention, system configuration and management, and antivirus management, do they offer these as one package?