Case Study: Kingsford Community School

Complete I.T. helps to drive forward excellent teaching and learning

Introduction to Kingsford Community School

We spoke to Joan Deslandes OBE, Head Teacher at Kingsford Community School about the services and support they receive from Complete I.T. (CIT).

Kingsford Community School is a diverse and vibrant coeducational secondary school that offers a unique and transformational education to its 1500 pupils in the heart of Beckton, East London. It is described by Ofsted as a harmonious community in which everyone lives and breathes aspiration, achievement and excellence.

Pupils are inspired within the classroom by a challenging yet accessible curriculum, stimulating teaching, outstanding pastoral care and the best in modern facilities. And yet the Kingsford learning experience goes well beyond the classroom, with exciting educational visits, international experiences, a varied cocurricular programme and community outreach projects.

Case Study: Kingsford Community School
Case Study: Kingsford Community School

How did Kingsford School make the decision to partner
with Complete I.T.?

We consulted with a range of IT providers and asked for a presentation on their service offerings. We needed to ensure that we had arrangements in place for an efficient, effective and responsive IT system that would not be impacted upon due to staff absence.

It was important that we partner with a capable and knowledgeable IT support provider, to allow us to rest assure that we were being well supported in our mission to drive forward excellent teaching and learning. Working with Complete I.T., we have definitely managed to do that.

What IT support and services does Complete I.T. provide
to Kingsford School?

CIT provide us with a highly qualified on-site technical support team and are able to offer alternative arrangements seamlessly if any of them are unable to be on the school site. Our on-site team are well supported by the wider, knowledgeable CIT team, meaning that if they don’t know the answer to our problem, they know someone who does.

In addition, we have a Technical Consultant who visits the school regularly and is able to advise on some of our bigger projects and IT roadmap for moving forward.

Case Study: Kingsford Community School
Case Study: Kingsford Community School

Why is having an Account Manager valuable?

Our Account Manager is able to give us tailored and relevant advice on how we can use IT to improve our staff and pupils’ experience, and how we can be more cost-efficient.

They can keep us up to date with the latest hardware and software developments, and advise us on areas where we can develop our provision. They are knowledgeable about the sector and provide helpful insight.

Why is technology important to your school?

At Kingsford Community School we support every pupil, no matter where they come from, to aspire, succeed and be excellent global citizens equipped to make a difference. In order for us to fulfil this mission, it is important that our pupils have the digital literacy skills required to excel in an increasingly competitive global market, and the best possible teaching and learning experience to prepare them for what lies ahead.

Effective school management is absolutely dependent on excellent ICT infrastructure and having the right tools in place to support us as school leaders is essential.

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What do you feel are the main benefits of working with
Complete I.T.?

The CIT team offer an unfailingly friendly, professional and efficient service for our school. The IT helpdesk tickets are always turned around very quickly and efficiently, always with a friendly smile and a kind word, and the team works very effectively as one unit. Our Account Manager is supportive and proactive in prompting the school to make forward-thinking decisions to support an effective digital strategy that benefits all pupils.

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