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Complete I.T. helps Bucks Music Group relocate


Bucks Music Group is an independent, international music publisher involved in finding artists to represent, promoting these artists, and distributing royalties.

Following a period of growth, Bucks Music Group was in a nice position where they needed to relocate to a bigger office and it was essential to keep disruption to a minimum. Having had issues in the past with previous IT suppliers, Bucks Music Group were reluctant to use them for the move. They, therefore, approached Complete I.T. to discuss their ongoing IT support requirements and the upcoming office relocation project.

Originally, CIT were appointed to provide IT support for Bucks Music Group, proving their expertise and providing excellent levels of customer service. Therefore, with just 2-3 weeks until the move, which involved transferring the existing IT infrastructure to the new premises and implementing a managed wireless system, CIT were selected to manage the move.

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This was scheduled to take place on a Friday, with full access to the IT infrastructure required by Monday morning. Due to ongoing issues with the previous supplier, who were reluctant to share information regarding the infrastructure, the move also needed to be completed with limited handover.

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Despite the short timeframe and limited handover, Bucks Music Group were confident in Complete I.T.’s ability to complete the move. CIT had already demonstrated a pro-active attitude to IT support, providing ideas for how to move Bucks Music Group’s IT forward. They had also shown excellent customer service and provided information about the capabilities and limitations of the existing IT infrastructure within days of being onsite.

To ensure the office move was completed efficiently, CIT appointed one of their experienced Technical Consultants to ensure detailed plans were put in place from the outset. Having identified the scope of the project, they contacted all the relevant suppliers on Bucks Music Group’s behalf, liaising with these suppliers to ensure they knew the requirements and that everything would be implemented on time. This enabled Bucks Music Group to concentrate on other elements of the move, confident that the IT infrastructure was completely under control.

In case there were any issues with the third-party suppliers, CIT ensured detailed back-up, disaster recovery and business continuity plans were in place, providing extra peace of mind and reassurance. During the move, an issue arose with the wi-fi supplier which could have caused major disruption to Bucks Music Group and their ability to operate effectively. These issues were quickly resolved and the detailed plans ensured Bucks Music Group remained confident that there would be no impact on their business.

Throughout the move, from preparation to completion, CIT communicated effectively with all parties involved to ensure everything ran smoothly. Bucks Music Group were kept informed with regular progress updates to keep stress levels under control.


On the Monday following the move, Bucks Music Group could return to “business as usual” with minimal disruption. The whole team had access to the network, printers and other IT equipment, and a minor issue with wi-fi was resolved quickly. Complete I.T. ensured that everything was working and they remained on call in case any unexpected issues arose.

Although working from home was always an option for Bucks Music Group employees, prior to the move this was considered “a nightmare”. Based on this feedback from employees, CIT recommended moving to a different platform, a move which has resulted in remote working being a positive experience and enabling a better work-life balance for employees.

Since the move, CIT have also helped Bucks Music Group implement a road map, to gradually improve their IT infrastructure and support future development. This has included a “proof of concept” trial, where Bucks Music Group could test the recommended approach and experience the benefits without risk. Having noticed a huge improvement with how the PCs respond, Bucks Music Group will now be looking to roll this out throughout the company.

Nicholina Lutterodt, Head of IT & Royalties commented,

“Complete I.T. are brilliant! Any issues we’ve had have been resolved quickly and efficiently. They’ve taken the time to fully understand our systems and the team is incredibly supportive. It was essential that the office move was completed with minimal disruption, and we were confident in Complete I.T. They didn’t let us down!”

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