Case Study: Activity Alliance

We speak with our clients Activity Alliance about how they have managed to work remotely during Covid-19…

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Who are you?

My name is Barinder Dale, I’m Head of Corporate Services for Activity Alliance.


Introduce your organisation

Activity Alliance is a national charity who work towards fairness for disabled people in school and activity. We currently have 26 members of staff and two offices in Manchester and Loughborough and over a third of our workforce is typically remote working.


How has COVID-19 affected your organisation?

As with other office based companies, literally overnight our working practices changed. As well as getting 100% of our workforce ready for home working, it was a live test of our business recovery plan.


Have you struggled with working remotely?

Initially we had a few teething problems but the way our systems had been set up with Complete I.T. meant it was smooth and fairly disruption free, as many issues were resolved internally, and we could source equipment very quickly.

We encouraged our teams to find the most comfortable way of working for them and that meant thinking about having time off screen as well as on it. We also upped our software package to be more accessible in our digital practices.


How have Complete I.T. helped you during this time?

The support for Complete I.T. has been uninterrupted which is particularly more impressive considering they were in a very similar situation to every company out there.

The helpdesk was invaluable in dealing with the initial glitches and technical support was renamed “Dan the man that can”.

The sales team were very quick to respond to our initial request for additional equipment which was suitable for our business needs.


What do you think your workplace of the future will look like?

We pride ourselves on being a very flexible organisation putting our staff first, adapting to their needs to be the best in their role.

We’ve proven that should we need to press that button to revert to home working, it is possible and with very little disruption to our daily working life. It has also given us a lot of confidence with video conferencing platforms and thinking outside the box with both our customers and our clients.


Can you describe your relationship with CIT in three words?

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