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3 Common Ways Data is Lost

by | May 23, 2018 | Data Protection

In this blog, we look at 3 of the most common ways data can be lost. If you do not have a disaster recovery plan or backup solution in place this will cause business downtime meaning financial loss, reputation and in some cases the business.

How can you lose data?:

  1. Accidental Deletion and User Mistakes: More often than not, data is deleted only for the user or organisation to later realise that it is actually still needed. A collaborator might accidentally delete a shared project, or you might delete a scrapped project and then later learn it is starting up again. Information can also unknowingly be overwritten or corrupted by users and third-party apps
  2. Overwriting Data: Overwriting data is a common problem that occurs when large datasets are imported into an application via bulk uploads or when integrated third-party applications are used to manage the data inside the application.
  3. Malicious Actions: People often delete data before they quit their role if they suspect they are going to be fired, or to spite a boss or coworker they are angry at. Hackers can also be the culprit, surpassing security systems to delete or corrupt data. Whether internal or external, untrustworthy users are a reality.

If you do not feel that your data is as secure as it should be and you do not have a reliable backup solution in place, please contact us  to talk about the options available to you.