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5 Business Goals for 2021

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Archived Articles

5 Business Goals for 2021

The beginning of a new year is often a time to reflect on the things we have learnt, what we may have done differently and to celebrate the successes of the previous year. 

We have put together a list that we recommend you re-view whilst planning for the coming year. 

Cyber Security Plan

Do you know how secure your data is? With your teams moving from office based to flexible working, your security requirements may have changed and there are a host of threats you need to be aware of.

With more critical data than ever being held, not only in the cloud and on your servers but also on laptops, desktops and hand-held devices, your business needs an integrated security solution. Ensure your Cyber Security is up to scratch so you can protect your business systems and data from the threat of human error, hackers, malware and viruses.

Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Rolling out 2FA is essential for all the accounts/programmes that you use. Including your email, social media accounts, Google Analytics and any apps you may use. Most of your logins will offer 2FA, you just need to go into settings and set it up.

Ensure you are using 2FA


User Education should be your priority

Protect your business from the increase in phishing attacks and various other malicious activities. Educating your team is one of the most important and most effective measures your organisation can take.

From explaining how to create a strong password, to educating them on how to spot a spam email and ensuring they know how to use, share and store data

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5 Business Goals for 2021


Get Cyber Essential Plus certified

Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme which helps you to protect your organisation against cyber attacks. Cyber crime is everywhere, which is why it is vital that you know how your business protects your crucial systems against it and how your business would react in the midst of an attack. If you suffered a ransomware attack after clicking on a phishing email, could you bounce back? What implications would it have? Is your data safe? Could you continue to operate?

If you’re not sure if you have the answers to those questions, getting Cyber Essentials certified could be one of your main goals for 2021.


Limit business downtime with a Disaster Recovery plan

Using the most up to date software and educating your team on how to spot a phishing email are both essential, but mistakes can happen and when 90% of data breaches are down to human error (ICO, 2020), it is essential that you consider your Disaster Recovery Solution and how and if your organisation would bounce back if a disaster were to happen.

Always make sure your goals are SMART; Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. It’s more important than ever to set goals in 2021 that are realistic and achievable as many organisations have suffered huge obstacles this year due to COVID.

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