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5 Ways To Protect Your Organisation

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Cyber Security

5 Ways To Protect Your Business

Whether you are a sole trader, SME, not-for-profit organisation or B2C company, it is important to educate and protect your organisation from cyber attacks.


5 Ways To Help Protect Your Organisation

Secure your organisation with strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication


Educate your teams on phishing to help prevent cyber attacks


Get your business Cyber Essentials Certified

Always update and get your patch management in order


Backup your data to avoid business downtime

1. We use passwords in everyday life for a variety of different accounts, make sure all of your passwords are over 15 characters long, that you are using a combination of capital and lower case letters, numbers and symbols and its better when you avoid actual words and common phrases.

2.  Always be wary of suspicious links and files within emails, check for grammar and spelling mistakes and don’t forget about the send from address. Attackers like to create a sense of urgency so you are more likely to make mistakes so be sure to keep calm and it’s okay to ask someone for a second opinion.

3. Getting Cyber Essentials Certified demonstrates to other businesses and your clients/customers that you have put the necessary measures in place to help secure your IT against cyber attacks . You can self-certify your own business but it is highly recommended that you pay for the Cyber Essentials Plus option which is carried out by an independent Certification Body, we can help you with this process. 

4. Hackers take advantage of outdated design which is why it is important to always patch and update to the lastest software. Not doing so puts your information at risk if you haven’t downloaded the latest updates.Having the most up to date version of an app will help protect you against getting infected with bugs.

5. Even if you are using Microsoft Office 365, it is important that you have a  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution tailored to your business goals and needs. Losing data could cost you your reputation, customers and could also lead to costly fines. You must understand what aspects of your business need backing up, whether that’s to enable you to operate business as usual if data loss occurred or from a legal and compliance standpoint.

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