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5 Ways to Spot a Phishing Email

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Cyber Security

5 ways to spot a phishing email

What are Phishing Emails?

A phishing email is an email orchestrated by a criminal who often has the aim to steal user data, login credentials and/or credit card details. These emails appear to be real and increasing are more sophisticated, making it harder to spot a real email from a fake.

Criminals want you to fall victim by inputting personal data or clicking on malicious links so it’s important that you educate yourself on how to spot a phishing email so you don’t get fooled.

5 top tips to help detect a phishing email

  1. Links and Attachments
  2. Check the “From Address”
  3. Grammar and Spelling
  4. Is it URGENT?
  5. If you’re not sure. Ask!

Be wary of suspicious links and attachments. If you’re unsure, don’t click! It’s always better to access your account via the website directly than to click a link on an email.

Always check the from address, often it’s easy to spot a fake but sometimes you need to take a closer look as small changes such as a “.” or “-” have been altered.

Check for simple typos and sentences that don’t make sense. Fonts and colours that don’t match the brand is also a good give away.

Attackers like to create a sense of urgency to instil panic, as panic often makes you more likely to make a mistake and click to pay the fraudulent overdue payment.

Even if the email appears to be from a colleague, be cautious of attachments and links. If in doubt, call the person emailing you or ask for a second opinion!

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We always recommend a multi-layered approach, which is why a combination of cyber security and disaster recovery solutions as well as educating your team is important.

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