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Cyber Security – Phishing Quiz

Cyber Security – Phishing Quiz

Take the quiz! Cyber crime is evolving and it can be hard to spot a real email from a fake. Take our short quiz to test your knowledge!Learn more about our Cyber Security support. Learn more about our Email Security.

5 Types of Phishing You Should Know About

5 Types of Phishing You Should Know About

Phishing scams are designed by criminals to imitate a reputable person or organisation in order to coax their victims into sharing confidential or sensitive information. Phishing scams have been around since at least the mid-1990s and as new technology has become...

Smishing: Mobile Phishing Scams

Smishing: Mobile Phishing Scams

Smishing texts are harmful messages sent via SMS and text. Criminals pose as companies such as HMRC, postal services and banks in the hope that you click a malicious link or input your personal information. How to spot a smishing scam? Smishing scams are made to look...

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