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A tour of the complete I.T. datacentre

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Archived Articles

With the recent increase in Ransomware and Malware infecting businesses of all sizes around the globe, it’s imperative now more than ever to ensure that your organisation has a strong and reactive defense put in place, preventing your business from falling victim to these cyber-attacks.

Complete I.T. aim to prepare our clients against the inevitable wave of cyber crime and have developed a strong partnership with both Datto and WatchGuard to safeguard our client’s systems, as well as store their information safely and effectively.

Where is client data kept?

To see the intricate workings of Complete I.T.’s data protection, I joined Chris Burt, our internal support engineer, on a tour of our Datacentre – where many of our client’s backup systems and antivirus software is stored.

By safely stored – I’m not referring to a locked door with a padlock for extra measure, before even arriving at the Datacentre we had to be given specific admission codes that could only be used during the allotted time we’d booked the visit, not to mention the three separate manned gates that stood between ourselves and the rack that is home to Complete I.T.’s own security systems.

What does the Complete I.T rack consist of?

Once we reached our data rack, Chris performed a visual inspection of all the systems, whilst explaining to me what our rack consists of;

  • 2 Datto Nodes: Where the backup data is stored off site, both for ourselves and for several of our clients.
  • 2 switches: These take a plug and allow you to have multiple connections on the other end, ensuring that the internet never goes down.
  • 2 WatchGuard’s: This is the anti-virus system that we implement within our systems to protect both our own and our client’s data.

How can you ensure the data is safe?

Entrusting a third party with something as important as your business data is always a tricky course of action. What if there’s a power shortage? How can you be positive your data will be safe?

Like most Data centres, the one that Complete I.T. use has a backup generator alongside its main power supply, as well as several additional power stations housed separately, to ensure that in the event of a power cut or other disaster – our client’s data is completely protected from data loss or system disruptions no matter what!

What you need to do to protect your business

Whoever your IT provider may be, ensure that you have the most up to date and effective back-ups put in place to protect yourself against cyber threats; as cyber crime becomes more intelligent, thankfully – so does data protection.