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An Insight into the Mind of a Hacker

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Archived Articles

You can have the most efficient and up to date firewalls alongside state of the art technology in place to protect your business from cybersecurity attacks, but as the famous saying goes (slightly adapted) “To beat the hacker, you must become the hacker”.

Nuiz recently released their research into 70 real-life hackers named The Black Report, which led to some shocking insights into the mind of a hacker:

  • They don’t waste time 81% of the hackers that were interviewed said it would take them less than 12 hours to both identify and exfiltrate your data
  • If it’s broken – fix it 75% of companies that perform a penetration test on their servers, don’t then effectively resolve the flaws in their system that are brought to light
  • Not a one trick pony 50% of the interviewed hackers said they changed their attack methodologies with every target – making it harder still to know what to look out for
  • Protection doesn’t cost a fortune 52% of the hackers interviewed stated that employee education was an extremely important countermeasure against attacks.
    You can read one of our blogs which will help you to educate your team here.
  • Knowledge really is power 76% of respondents spent 1-10 hours per week researching security news and technology to plan the best course of attack.
  • IT’S FINAL All hackers, pen-testers, and forensics experts that were involved in this research agreed that once someone has accessed your data – there’s no getting it back.

How can you protect your data?

Make sure that your anti-virus software is always up to date, take a multi-layered approach and discuss the best software options for your business with your IT support provider. But most of all, know your enemy.

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