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Breaking news – Microsoft UK Datacentres go live

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Archived Articles

This is what we have been waiting for, Microsoft opens datacentres in the UK. The new data centres are based in London, Cardiff and Durham. This is great news as now all Office 365 and Azure Data will remain in the UK.

Each of the data centres adheres to Trusted Cloud principles, including security, privacy, compliance and transparency. These new Microsoft Cloud regions will help businesses across all industries will now be able to meet their customers’ needs, the regulatory requirements they are held to, and the need for local data residency and replication for business continuity.

Mike Stone, Chief Digital and Information Officer at the Ministry of Defence, said: “Microsoft’s secure and transparent cloud service in the UK fits perfectly with the MOD’s digital transformation agenda. This agreement, which is based on Microsoft’s world-class reliability and performance, will allow us to deliver cost-effective, modern and flexible information capabilities. It will ensure we are better-placed in our ever-changing, digital-first world.”

With the availability of the new U.K. regions, Azure now offers customers 28 regions — available today — with six more coming soon for a total of 34, more than any other major cloud provider. In addition, Microsoft Cloud services have earned the broadest set of compliance certifications and attestations of any public cloud provider. In the first half of 2017, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will join the currently available line up in the U.K.

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