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Business IT as a competitive advantage

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Archived Articles

For some organisations, IT is just one component in the overall cost of doing business. But when applied effectively, IT actually allows your business to create new efficiencies and streamline operations in such a way that you can maximise profit margins. If this can be achieved, IT ceases to be ‘just another cost’ and becomes a competitive advantage.

Improved information availability

Data is key to most of your operations, vital to strategic decision making and even the most basic of processes. The easier it is to access data, the more effective your decision making becomes.

And if your business has employees who work remotely – like a mobile sales team – making ‘live’ data available outside the company office is essential to helping them maintain the highest levels of productivity. Remote access to company systems also allows remote workers to capture data whenever and wherever required. Reducing the gap between gathering data and entering it into your systems also lessens the risk of errors creeping in.

According to research by Experian QAS, poor data quality wastes £1 in every £6 from the average UK departmental budget. Using IT to prevent every £1 being wasted in this way is equivalent to a 17% budgetary advantage over your competitors.

Automating for increased efficiency

Humans are inevitably slower than computers. Therefore, investing in systems that can automate common processes will help speed up the rate at which you can conduct business.

Even basic tasks like copying information from one screen should be automated to prevent data errors and save time. A few seconds saved from common repetitive tasks will add up to days over the course of a year. Days that can be reinvested in other profit-making activities.

Investment in IT that allows for enhanced productivity, faster responses to customers and insightful product development is certain to deliver genuine competitive advantages. Particularly as many SMEs still fail to fully understand how IT can drive their business success.

Leveraging existing infrastructure

With professional assistance however, you may find that your business already has the key infrastructure in place – you may just need to know how to apply it more effectively. Partnering with an experienced consultancy like Complete I.T.  may be able to help you unlock this additional value without any additional capital investment.

For more help and advice on using IT strategically, including any resources you already own, please get in touch.