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Can you recognise phishing attacks? Check now!

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Archived Articles

These quizzes are designed to be circulated around your businesses to bring your employees’ cyber awareness up to scratch to better protect your business’s data, as well as giving you an insight into areas that may need more attention and training. They are both free and mobile friendly, so encourage your teams to give them a go.

This quiz looks at one of the biggest threats to face your business – phishing attacks. Phishing attacks are designed to make the user click on malicious links or downloads, mostly in the hope of stealing your login credentials or to download nasty pieces of ransomware to your machine. This quiz shows examples of both legitimate emails along with examples of phishing emails to test how good your teams are at spotting phishing attempts. One wrong answer in this quiz could hopefully save you from a serious headache in real life!