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The CIT Charity Bike Ride is Back…

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Charity

The CIT Charity bike ride has made a return after the success of the previous 2014 charity bike ride raising over 2.5K for Blenheim CDP. This time, CIT have upped the challenge to ride a 25 mile off road, yes that’s right, an off road bike ride on the 2nd April. Eight members of CIT have stepped up ready to battle the route around Woking in whatever the good old English weather can throw at us. Come sunshine, snow or rain we will be there to support our Charity of the year Mencap.

Mencap are a charity based all over the UK and provide much needed help and assistant to people all ages with learning disabilities and their families. The work they do day in and out to make a difference to the lives of people should be commended. For all CIT and all eight riders this was an easy decision to make to help raise money to keep this important charity that effects so many peoples life’s going.

The CIT Charity Bike Ride team have already raised over £400 so far with a target of £600 which we desperately want to beat. Any donation no matter how small will make a difference to someone. To sponsor the team please follow this link: