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CIT Insomnia 2016

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Charity

Over the weekend 31 team members, clients and friends of CIT took party in a 24hour gaming event to raise money for Mencap, our charity of the year.

Mencap work in partnership with people with learning disabilities, and support people to live life as they choose.

CIT Insomnia was the brain child of Simon Bell, Head of Technology at CIT, with the name and general idea deriving from the gaming festival of the same name. The idea was that a group of team members come together with their gaming consoles and play for 24hrs solid to raise as much money as possible for Mencap. With the event starting at 10am on Saturday the 6th February everyone was in place and there was a fantastic buzz around Complete I.T.’s head office. There were 3 different gaming areas, PC’s and consoles, retro consoles such as the Nintendo 64 with games that we all remember such as Mario Cart and Golden Eye and the Xbox One with Fifa being played.

CIT supplied all the food and energy drinks the gamers needed to get through the 24hours, we had t-shirts made up and were joined by Mencap’s Partnership Manager, Julian Kosh and young ambassador Vijay who is currently petitioning for people with learning disabilities to be able to vote.

The Bucks Free Press and The Bucks Herald were covering the event so look out for the article in the next few days.

We have so far raised £4626.30 which is a huge achievement, so thank you to everyone that took part and sponsored the event. We hope to put on Insomnia 2 in November when I am assured the gaming units will be bigger and better with more led lights and live streaming.

Other charity events we have planned for the coming year include, bike rides, climbing Mount Snowdon and Blake Burt will be taking part in the Mongolian Rally. If you are interested in joining us please let your Account Manager know.