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Complete I.T. are awarded a CompTIA IT Business Trustmark award

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Company News

About CompTIA

CompTIA is the voice of the world’s information technology (IT) industry.

What is the IT Business Trustmark?

The CompTIA IT Business Trustmark is designed to validate an IT company’s ability to demonstrate sound business practices and provide quality service. In order to receive this distinguished business credential, an organisation must adhere to a stringent set of industry standards covering organisational management, company direction, business generation, service delivery and operations, and customer relations.

The CompTIA IT Business Trustmark framework was designed and approved by top United Kingdom-based ICT industry professionals, including solution providers, vendors and other suppliers.

Why Contract with a Trustmark Holder?

Organisations that carry the CompTIA IT Business Trustmark have demonstrated their ability to properly support your business needs. To obtain this esteemed credential, CIT committed to an industry “Code of Conduct,” and underwent an assessment provided by a vendor-neutral industry association, which assures that we adhere to the highest business standards in all of our day-to-day activities.

The CompTIA IT Business Trustmark offers our clients peace of mind–knowing that we employ industry best practices and tools to keep your business systems up and running. It also confirms our commitment to quality, assuring our clients that we have what it takes to help them succeed.