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5 Ways To Protect Your Organisation

5 Ways To Protect Your Organisation

Whether you are a sole trader, SME, not-for-profit organisation or B2C company, it is important to take action, educate and protect your organisation from cyber attacks/crime. Follow our 5 top topics to help you become more cyber aware and secure: 1.Secure your...

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How to choose a secure password

How to choose a secure password

Many passwords can be hacked in a matter of seconds leaving both you and your personal data at risk which is why you must take choosing a password seriously. When creating a password there are a few things to consider: Make it strong Don't use the same password for...

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Snake Ransomware Targeting Organisations

Snake Ransomware Targeting Organisations

A new ransomware called Snake is targeting organisations entire networks. The terrifying trend sees whole enterprises being targeted, instead of single users. There is a growing list of threatening enterprise targeting ransomware, including Ryuk, LockerGoga and...

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