What is my digital footprint? 

Your digital footprint is your online identity, it is everything that you post online. It can be used to form an image of who we are so it is important that this image is accurate. Only share and post, appropriate and necessary content to avoid misrepresentation and information getting into the wrong hands.

Criminals are getting smarter, so it is important to be in control on your online presence, otherwise, they may use the content you post against you.


Understanding your digital footprint


Consider the content you are posting. Do you think it is appropriate or necessary? If you have doubts, don’t post or ask someone for a second opinion.


Check your privacy settings so you are aware of what people are able to see and who is able to see. Never publish personal data or upload pictures that wouldn’t want a stranger to see.

Teach your team that criminals can use the content they post against them to commit crimes such as fraud and can construct convincing phishing scams based on real events in your tone of voice.

Don’t get lost in all of the noise and ensure you are monitoring your social posts to ensure you are not putting yourself or business in danger.


Ask yourself the below questions before posting online


Is my post necessary?

Does your post have a purpose? Do people really need to know about the content of your post? Are you posting personal information? If in doubt, don’t post.


Is my post accurate?

Are you posting an accurate representation of yourself? Would you be happy that your friends and family saw this information and used it to form their perception of you?


Who can see this post?

Ensure your privacy settings on your social accounts are up to date. On personal accounts, we recommend that you create a “private” Instagram account so you can monitor who can see content and on Facebook we would recommend that you switch your posts so that only “friends” can see instead of “everyone”.

Who does my post affect?

Do not post information that may affect anyone else’s reputation or put them in a vulnerable position.

In a nutshell, always think before you post and if you are in doubt then you probably shouldn’t post.

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