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The danger of scaling back your IT spend

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Archived Articles

Many businesses are tempted to scale back their IT spend, especially when their main area of activity seems far-removed from technology.

But in an age where the availability of information is crucial to delivering a personalised experience to customers across the world, IT is crucial. Increasingly customers select retailers and vendors based on the quality of service they receive, rather than the price of goods and services. So being able to access relevant data quickly, is vital to improving the service you offer.

With proper investment in the right systems and software, IT can help streamline operations and create new efficiencies. You will then be able to improve the service you offer to clients and reduce spend in other areas of the business. One report referenced by the Daily Telegraph claimed that UK workers lose 5.5 days every year waiting for slow computers. For a team of six, that’s an entire month of productivity wasted, costing much more than six systems upgrades.

More efficiency for less money

The Cloud has made it possible to boost efficiency and reduce operating costs. As part of the monthly/annual charge, Cloud subscriptions to applications like Microsoft Office 365 typically include all upgrades during the life of the contract. This means that subscribers are able to access new time-saving features without having to purchase new software.

Equally, the Microsoft Azure platform offers businesses a way to scale their IT systems to meet increased demand. Rather than buying new servers to store and process data, Azure is their server in the Cloud that can be scaled on demand.

Need more storage? Simply increase the relevant setting in your Azure control panel. Require additional processing power to crunch more data quickly? Azure can increase processor allocations with just a few mouse clicks.

More importantly still, you can scale back when you no longer need the additional processing power, ensuring you never pay for any more than you need.

Failing to invest is the first step to failure

IT is now essential to every business, and it is only sensible to recognise this fact and invest appropriately in your IT systems.

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