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Don’t fear the cloud

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Archived Articles


It can be daunting moving all your documents and data from a physical server to the mysterious cloud but, it’s much more secure, can save money and is scalable.

Why should you be using Microsoft 365?

Cost Saving – Who doesn’t want to see their annual operating costs decreased?  When moving to the cloud you could see a large cost saving as there is no need for a physical server which needs regularly updating and replacing.

Benefit from using up to date versions of software, gain access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office applications all at a cost saving.

Accessibility and Flexibility – Here, there and everywhere (with an internet connection). Everyone within a business can securely access company documents from the cloud wherever they are. Business meeting in Scotland? Spain? USA? No problem. If you’re using the cloud, any documents you require will be readily available to you.

Scalability – You pay for what you need. With cloud storage, you pay for the storage you require and if your business experiences growth and you require additional storage and licenses, this can easily be accommodated for.

Think of the extra space – Without the need for physical servers and hard copy documents/files wedged under the stairs, you will free up office space and finding that document from 5 years ago should be easier with the cloud.

When comparing the cloud to physical servers and data centers, the cloud can be seen as the safer option. A breach of security at your premises or a natural disaster such as fire or flood, could result in your data being compromised.

Cloud Computing is continuously evolving which is why we have a dedicated technical team who are there to help our clients meet their growing need for collaborative working, security and compliance. To learn more about our cloud solutions or discuss options with us today, please feel free to get in touch.