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Engaging your Millennial workforce via IT

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Archived Articles

The nature of work is changing, with the next generation of young, IT-savvy individuals leading the charge. To ensure you get the best new talent working in your organisation, you need the forward-looking business IT that will attract them.

The Cloud has changed everything

Having reached adulthood using an Internet that allows fast, reliable access to key business resources remotely, most Millennials no longer agree with mainstream companies on the importance of centralised offices. They are already in the habit of using online software and communications tools in their private lives, and often seek to bring their experience into the workplace with a view to improving productivity and efficiency.

Many younger workers therefore find it hard to adapt to older tools or company-wide procedures that can be inherently slow and inefficient. If your company is still largely office-based, you may wish to look into how to expand your IT offering to engage this demographic of your employees and retain the best talent.

Cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365 allow your staff to work on files anywhere, any time, and from any device, taking advantage of the built-in collaboration tools to complete tasks with their colleagues. Think also about other key remote-working solutions which you can build into your business IT offering.

Modernisation works for all your staff

Adopting Cloud-based systems gives your business more than a way to appease younger workers, however. The benefits so beloved of Millennials – flexible, customisable, dependable workplace access – are also available to all. Employees of any age may welcome the chance to work from home occasionally, and you may find general work satisfaction and productivity actually increase.

Don’t rule out BYOD

Millennials often appear to be surgically attached to their mobile devices. The smartphone and tablet are key aspects of the modern professional’s personal life, and most realise that they could also use those devices to perform more effectively at work. Your business should carefully consider how personal devices could be incorporated into the company IT strategy – the benefits may be far greater than you ever imagined.

Not every request for mobile app support or hosted software needs to be fulfilled – and certainly, you should keep track of all devices authorised to access your business systems, so that you can maintain control over business data storage.

But your business will find that by adopting modern IT Cloud solutions, you also find it much easier to attract and retain the brightest new talent, and gain the business benefits of Millennials’ IT abilities and innovation ideas for the future. For further help and advice on Cloud-based systems to suit all your employees, give our expert team a call today.